Site Update: John Cho A Year in Review

Written by Mouza on December 30

With 2017 finally coming to an end, I decided it would be fun to put together a summary of the highlights of John’s professional activities in 2017, and what a year it’s been!!

The year kicked off with John in Park City to attend the 2017 Sundance Film Festival where we got our first look at Columbus, a movie starring John Cho!

In February, Award season started with the announcement of John & Leslie Mann as hosts of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards which lead to him attending several oscar related events including the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

March through May, John made a few stops around movie festivals starting by Austin for the 2017 SXSW Festival to attend the premiere of his second movie in 2017, Gemini. Then the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of his movie Literally, Right Before Aaron and last but not least, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Closing Night where they showcased a special screening of Columbus.

At the end of March, we got the news that John joined the cast of the third season of Hulu’s Difficult People where he spent the following month filming in New York. In June, it was announced that John was invited alongside another 773 people from across the industry to join the Academy. Not long after in early July, John booked his second TV role for the season by joining the cast of FOX’s The Exorcist for the new season, just in time to join the cast in San Diego a couple of weeks after it for Comic Con International.

John was busy filming The Exorcist through out August – September but he made sure to make a few stops along the way, starting with a special screening in Columbus, Ohio for Columbus. Then attending New York Comic Con to promote the new season of The Exorcist with the cast.

It was such a great year for John on TV. He played 2 amazing characters in 2 different genres. Todd Ross in Difficult People was such a jackass that you can’t help but love. And his first kiss with Billy, was one of the best first kisses in the history of TV if I say so myself as a closeted romantic and serial TV watcher. Andy Kim of The Exorcist on the other hand was perfection because of how much he loves his family and his dedication to his wife, seeing John with the kids was an amazing experience on it’s own.

Filmography wise, John joined the cast of “The Oath” alongside Tiffany Haddish. Serial Dater (2018), Search (2018) that will be going to Sundance in January and last but not least Caller ID: Entity (2018) were all added to John’s IMDB page. We also got a trailer for Gemini that will have a limited release sometimes in the spring of 2018. There’s also a new trailer of John’s guest star in Youtube Red series “Do You want to see a dead body?”. Last but not least, I can proudly say, that as of 2017, the filmography part of the gallery is as complete as it comes. We’re still missing a few projects but they’re not available online so I’ll have to spend the next few months buying the physical copies to upload them to the gallery.

Written features that include new photoshoots were also a huge part of 2017, We’ve been lucky with the amounts of portraits sessions that featured John in 2017 which made choosing just 4 hard but those were my personal favorite.

And I think that’s about it? It’s been a pretty busy year, had it ups and downs but as long as we focus on the positive and keep going, we’re going to be ok. I’d like to thank everyone for visiting, for the comments and for the amazing feedback about the site.

I’d also like to wish John (and you guys) a happy new year, may 2018 brings you and your families joy and happiness and brings us all more movies #StarringJohnCho!

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