1997 – The Jeff Foxworthy Show

Created by: Tom Anderson
Original Network: ABC, NBC
Number of Episodes: 1 (that john has starred in)
Production year: 1997
Original release: September 12, 1995 – May 6, 1997
Running time: 23 minutes (approx.)
Other cast: Jeff Foxworthy, Haley Joel Osment, Ann Cusack
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Jeff Foxworthy portrays himself in this mid-1990s sitcom, which is roughly based on his hit stand-up comedy routines that specialize in redneck humor. The series ran for two seasons, the first on ABC that followed the comic as an Indiana family man who operated a heating and air conditioning business. (ABC, incidentally, chose the Hoosier State as the setting out of concern that the Southern-infused comedy was not suited for a national audience.) The second season aired on NBC, which revamped the cast and the plot: The family now lived in Georgia, and Foxworthy worked on a loading dock. A noted co-star is Haley Joel Osment as one of Foxworthy’s sons. As it turned out, the soon-to-be movie star and Foxworthy were the only actors to appear in both seasons.