Photos: Vulture Festival 2021

Written by Mouza on November 19

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John & his Cowboy Bebop co-stars attending the 2021 Vulture Festival in Los Angeles.

Photos: “Cowboy Bebop” Los Angeles Premiere

Written by Mouza on November 12

2021 have finally blessed us by having John Cho step out for the premiere of his new Netflix series “Cowboy Bebop: The Lost Session” on Thursday evening (November 11) at Goya Studios in Los Angeles.

News: First look and Chapter from John Cho’s New Novel “Troublemaker”

Written by Mouza on June 22

It was the tinder that ignited the blaze that had been smoldering in Los Angeles for years: four policemen acquitted of the brutal beating of Black motorist Rodney King on April 29, 1992. Within hours of the verdict, Los Angeles – already at a breaking point of racial division – would be torn asunder. Looters and rioters set the city on fire. Adding gasoline to the inferno was a shooting that took place the same month as King’s assault: Latasha Harlins, a 15-year-old Black girl, was fatally shot by Soon Ja Du, a Korean store owner in South L.A., after she erroneously accused Harlins of trying to steal orange juice.

It’s at this inflection point that Korean American actor John Cho has set his first novel, Troublemaker, a galvanizing middle-grade offering that follows the L.A. riots through the eyes of 12-year-old Korean American Jordan Park, whose parents own a liquor store. When Jordan’s father leaves to check on the store amid mounting unrest, Jordan and his friends set out on a perilous journey to help his dad, and Jordan is forced to face the racism plaguing his own community.

Excerpt from Troublemaker, by John Cho


Apr 29, 1992

I never knew a pair of shoes could scare me so much, but when I see Umma and Appa’s sneakers by the door when I walk in, I nearly jump right out of my skin. It’s not that they’re anything out of the ordinary. The shoes, I mean, with Appa’s laces fraying at the ends and Umma’s looking more gray than white like they did when she first bought them. What’s weird is the fact that they’re here at all. It’s just a little after 4 PM on a Wednesday and Umma and Appa should both be at the store. Not at home.

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Video: “Over the Moon” Trailer

Written by Mouza on June 23

Photos: 92nd Annual Academy Awards Nominations Announcement

Written by Mouza on January 14

Happy new year everyone!

We have our first event of the year as John announced alongside Issa Rae the 92nd Annual Academy Awards Nominations yesterday. It’s so good to see him post the injury looking great.

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