Video: John Cho & Kumail Nanjiani Cinema Café

Written by Mouza on January 27

Video: John Cho Talks ‘Columbus’

Written by Mouza on January 27

Video: Sneak Peek of John Cho on Lip Sync Battle

Written by Mouza on October 12

Coverage: New York Press Day

Written by Mouza on August 01

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John Cho’s press day in New York last week. Check out the photos below and then the video after the cut.


2016 > 27 July – Today Show 
2016 > 27 July – John Cho visit SiriusXM 
2016 > 27 July – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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News: Details about John’s Role on The Mindy Project

Written by Mouza on February 04

In a recent interview with Mindy Kaling, she reveled some details about John’s role:

Glamour: John Cho is coming on the show. I usually don’t reveal my “On a Date With…” guys until the piece runs, but he is the next column.
Mindy: I would love to go on a date with John Cho! He’s the hottest and funniest guy. When I was acting with him…I mean, I wanted to have him on the show forever! Obviously, when Selfie started, we couldn’t have him, but now we have a part for him, and he’s playing very against type. Actually, you’re the only person that knows this, but he’s playing a drug dealer.
Glamour: A drug dealer?
Mindy: Not just a drug dealer, but the head of a drug organization. Hopefully we’ll see him again, but right now he’s in one episode. [source]

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