Photos: Unforgettable Gala 2018

Written by Mouza on December 10

John was among the many attendees at the 2018 Unforgettable Gala, Kore Asian Media’s annual Asian American awards ceremony, celebrating creativity, diversity and growth, on Saturday (December 8) at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John from the Gala.


Photos: ‘The Oath’ Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere

Written by Mouza on September 26

John stepped out yesterday (September 25) to attend the red carpet premiere of ‘The Oath’ as part of the activities in Los Angeles Film Festival. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John during the event.


Photos: “Forever” New York Premiere

Written by Mouza on September 11

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John attending the New York screening of Forever.


Feature: John Cho is Pushing Limits

Written by Mouza on August 29


As he weaves his thoughts between different subjects — from his relationship to his race (what does Asian American mean when you’re a Korean immigrant who just wanted to fit in?) and the characters he chooses to depict on screen (which almost always leads to a larger conversation on representation) to measures of success (“The career is just something that is not a part of me; it’s something that walks next to me, it’s not me”) — one thing becomes clear: At the end of the day, Cho just wants to make good movies that allow him to stretch his creative muscles. And so it is with “Searching,” his new film.

Helmed by first-time feature director Aneesh Chaganty, the indie thriller explores the grief of David Kim, whose teenage daughter (Michelle La) goes missing following the death of his wife (Sara Sohn). The entirety of the film plays out through David’s eyes, which functions as a camera of sorts as we watch the story unfold on his computer screen.

Chaganty, a self-described John Cho fanboy, and his writing partner Sev Ohanian wrote David with Cho in mind, but it required several entreaties before the actor came around.

“[The film] was out of my comfort zone, so I said no at first,” Cho says. He’d seen “Unfriended,” really the only approximate example of a movie that takes place completely on a digital screen, and didn’t like the idea of acting for a static camera. And he definitely did not want to feel as though he were making a YouTube video. But at the same time, he did like the screenplay, if only interpreted as a more traditional picture, and was flattered most of all that the role — an explicitly Korean American one at that — was created for him.

To his credit, Chaganty doesn’t give up easy. He sent off a few nervous texts, and Cho eventually acquiesced to a meeting. “When we met face-to-face, I just really liked [Chaganty] so much,” Cho says. “He had vision and conviction and a lot of charisma, and he convinced me it would be a movie. I just had a feeling about him. So I said yes.” [Source]

Photos: “Searching” Los Angeles Premiere

Written by Mouza on August 22

John was out a couple of days ago to walk the red carpet at the screening of his latest film Searching that held at the ArcLight Hollywood on Monday (August 20) in Hollywood. I’ve updated the gallery with over 100 photos of John during the premiere.


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