Photos: Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet

Written by Mouza on August 10

John stepped out to attend 2018 Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet on Thursday night (August 9) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The event is hosted annually to support members of the film and television community with grants scholarships and fellowships. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John during the event.


Coverage: John Cho visits Jimmy Kimmel Live

Written by Mouza on August 09

John stopped by Jimmy Kimmel a couple of days ago to talk about the upcoming release of Searching. Check out the photo and video coverage.


Coverage: “Searching” Press Conference

Written by Mouza on August 03

John spent a couple of days last week doing a round of press interviews in Los Angeles & New York. Check out the photo coverage in the gallery and make sure to watch the videos below the ‘read more’ cut.

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Feature: Two Years After #StarringJohnCho, John Cho Is Finally a Leading Man

Written by Mouza on July 27


John Cho best known for playing Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek franchise and Harold in the Harold & Kumar films, is making history with his latest performance. Cho’s new movie, Searching, is the first mainstream, contemporary thriller headlined by an Asian-American actor.

“I accept that it’s a big deal. I’m excited,” Cho said of the milestone Wednesday, on the first night of the 41st annual Asian American International Film Festival, opened by a screening of Searching.

“I haven’t thought of that, but what is meaningful to me is seeing the image of a whole, loving Asian-American family [more] than anything else,” he continued. “It’s very rare in movies. The image of that is much more startling than it should be. It was surprising to me how powerful it was. I want the future to be where it’s completely normal to see an Asian-American family on-screen.”

In Searching, out in select theaters on August 24, Cho stars as David Kim, a doting husband to Pam (Sara Sohn) and a caring father to 16-year-old daughter Margot (Michelle La). When Margot suddenly vanishes, an investigation led by a detective (Debra Messing) begins. With no clues, David decides to search his daughter’s laptop computer. Written and directed by Indian filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty,the movie is told from the point of view of computer screens and smartphones. The film also presents its characters— predominately an Asian cast—free of clichés or stereotypes. [More at Source]

Photos: 41st Asian American International Film Festival

Written by Mouza on July 26

Searching movie had it’s US premiere yesterday in the 41st Asian American International Film Festival. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of John during the event.


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